Asset Recovery

Security. Privacy. Compliance. Modern enterprises take their data responsibilities very seriously, particularly the need to protect customer and employee data. Our facilities deliver a full suite of security-focused asset recovery solutions to maximize the greatest possible value, while minimizing the environmental impact of IT assets.

Our proprietary data sanitization technology and process assures that each device received is properly erased. We are certified by ADISA and OnTrack to DOD and NIST SP 800-99r1-compliant standards, with our service centers R2 certified in the Americas and Asia, and WEEELABEX-certified in Europe.

Our team of remarketing experts, operating in both parts and asset sales, ensure that we maximize the value of retired or used assets. We remarket assets through  multiple sales channels and optimize the remarketing by matching customers with the right assets based on grade, value, and asset type, to generate the highest possible return.

We offer clear reporting to provide the level of visibility and transparency required to safely manage the recovery process, from asset pickup through to remarketing. We have developed a strong logistics partner network enabling us to provide a wide range of onsite data destruction, pack-out, pickup and transportation of assets to our processing sites.

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