Circular Supply Chain

Device re-use has always been part of our DNA. Our ability to operate at an industrial scale makes Reconext a key enabler to the Circular Economy.

In January 2020, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation launched Circulytics, a tool that allows organizations to assess how circular they currently are via a broad set of metrics, aggregated as a company-level score. This score, alongside insights and analysis from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, helps businesses understand the extent of their success in adopting circular economy business opportunities.

The score provides a snapshot of the circularity of their material flows and service models and highlights the most important development areas to concentrate on. We were one of 30 companies that participated in the Beta test phase in 2019, and we are delighted to have scored the top grade.

Our Circulytics A score is a testament to our Enabling role. Contributing substantially to the transition to a circular economy, we are in a position to assist our customer base in accelerating their circular transition and performance.

An Ellen MacArthur Foundation analyst stated, “Reconext’s very good ‘A’ Overall score reflects the fact that their business model is inherently circular”.

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